Nervoid Portrait
"Neuro Mysterium" (still from video)

Ebon Fisher is offering an animated "Nervoid Portrait" - a one-minute video loop similar to the work "Neuro Mysterium," which will be on display.

Working with a database of nerve-like "Zoacodes," Ebon will arrange a sequence of codes to reflect the disposition of the subject. The Zoacodes are each associated with an aphorism such as "LINK VIA INFANT NODE" or "PROBE ALL VIA SQUIRM" and explore a psychology of networks.

The project includes two visits by the artist with the subject and results in a one-minute animated loop (including rhythmic sound built from the subject's voice) to be played on a flat, wall-mounted video display (display NOT included). Winning bidder will also receive a signed print of Ebon Fisher's Zoacode database from which, in part, the portrait will be derived. A copy of the Zoacode database will be on display along with "Neuro Mysterium." ("Neuro Mysterium" is not for sale.)

The winning bidder of the "Nervoid Portrait" will receive two DVD copies of their customized animation and has the right to make an unlimited set of copies, as is or for the web (although not for resale without artist's permission). Winning bidder will receive a signed statement by the artist attesting that they are the subject of the sequence of Zoacodes. In keeping with the artist's digital art practice, Ebon Fisher will remain the owner of the copyright to all of the Zoacodes, and reserves t