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Polemic || Andrew Castrucci || Back
the rude algae of time

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ACASTRUCCI (adjective) or A Castrucci (noun) (c.1889):
1. to prevent avalanches in rock formation or tree trunks; a stumpback; first built in Val Strona, Italy (c.1402); Forno, a province of Vercelli; also Castello di Domodosolla, named and collaborated by Marco Vinicio with Italo Castrucci (c. 15th century).

2. Also occurs in nature as a tree wall or planted wall of trees in prevention of avalanches. It was first fortified in 1515 Sambueghetto Italy, after the disaster of 1514 with the destruction and rebuilding of Sambueghetto, Val Strona (c. 15th century).

He made his life work a tactical evasion.
   Agnese Piana, 2016

Polemic is funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

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