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Christy Rupp

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"We live as part of an amazing organism that has the capacity to regenerate, given a chance. We also live in the waste stream. Garbage is a combat zone where our desire for comfort and function meet the limits of our nest. Like most baby boomers in Post War America, Walt Disney film and TV schooled my opinions of wildlife, framing my ideas about the environment. In Bambi's world, humans and deer can't coexist, we are locked in conflict. Thats an old myth that has gotten us deeply in debt to our planet. Since the '70s my work has focused on the relationship of economics and the environment. Science is where the ideas begin."

Christy Rupp grew up in Buffalo NY in the shadow of Love Canal and the shuttering US Steel industry of the Great Lakes Rust Belt. She has lived in NYC since the late '70s and was a part of the birth of ABC NoRio and the Real Estate Show.


Cataclysm is funded in part by the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs


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