Ides of March 2008
Collaboratives & Collectives
Participant List and Description of Works

  • artcodex
    "The War Show 3", is a renewal and rearchive of tactics used by artist teams battling it out in previous War Shows

  • Bartolomeu, Catbagan, Dunne, Ksel & Horton
    "Apocalyptic Children Escape from Heaven", is an installation of a child-like fantasy space that is tainted with adult metaphors of escapism, financial collapse and Doomsday destruction.

  • Berenbaum, Ciarleglio & Haske
    "Pretty Pink Sardines", is approximately 40 white papier mache creatures with googly eyes and a tiny surprise that are both humorous and dark in nature

  • Broadthinking
    "Cosmological Map", is an installation tracing the evolution of female consciousness through the millennia.

  • Collective Gesture
    "Conversation", is a map of visual conversation that is enabled by e-mail about sex, lifelines, and organ donation

  • Concepcion/Estabrook a.k.a. The Shining Mantis
    In true Shining Mantis tradition, the two drawers battle a drawing from the first Ides of March.

  • Cueva & Wells
    "The Void Has An Unbearable Brightness Even In The Stockroom", is an interactive sculptural installation inspired by star gazing in the night sky, where viewers can create their own constellations by tapping on lights

  • E.Y.E. (Erase Your Ego)
    "BLINK", is a live action painting that includes musicians, sound design, slide and video projections

  • Endless Love Crew
    "Idus Martia: Invade, Restructure, Admire", is a mural of aesthetic collaboration about ABC No Rio's history and a belief in the benefits of a community working together for the advancement of all members

  • Flux Factory
    "Golden Staircase", is a gold spray painted fire escape that is a simple, unified gesture that necessitates equal division of labor

  • G-77
    "Community Monitoring Station" (CMS), is a video installation that oversees the changes in the neighborhood and hopes to record potential progress. It is important to note that this act is not surveillance (which would go against everything that is ABC No Rio), rather it is Sousveillance (roughly French for undersight) and is the opposite of Surveillance (roughly French for oversight).

  • GeneFree
    "The Selfish Song", is an audio installation of punk instrumentation that assigns responsibility to individuals for the current climate change crisis

  • Greenwald, et al.
    "Pink Bloque Document", 14:00 video documentation of a performance by Pink Bloque, a Chicago-based feminist street dance troupe founded in early 2002 as a creative response to the depressing atmosphere of leftist activism in post-911 America.

  • Harrah & Kipp
    "The Constant", is an installation of embroidery and drawings that is a representation of autobiographical accounts

  • it/EQ
    "Giving Tree", is a mural project that explores the relationships between people and giving, communal space and sharing, relationships to nature and giving

  • JustSeeds/Visual Resistance
    "Let Us Wait No Longer!", is a mini exhibition of prints and a mural addressing immigration issues

  • Kokoronis, Heller & Weeks
    "Pressure Points", is a Baudelaire inspired audio installation that asks the question of how could historical accounts of a place be interpreted without visual witnessing it first hand.

  • Kretschmar, Brown & Mayton
    "Dodadado da do do" is an installation of sound, sculpture and 2 dimensional work that symbolizes communal interaction adapted from the radio play by Ryan Brown about a conversation between Blinky Palermo and Amon Duul II

  • Liz-N-Val
    "Urban Sounds", is an interactive social sculpture based on a musical skyline

  • Mail/Art Global Collaborative
    "Mail/Art Global Collaborative Massive", is an international collaboration of 2 dimensional works that is enabled by the internet

  • Matles & Baracz
    "Books, belts, batteries, batteries, batteries..." is an installation of objects bought from a street seller, along with collection of photos that document all the exchanges of money for goods that results from the bottom-of-the barrel capitalist exchange project.

  • McGill, Harrington & Edison
    "We Need Each Other", is oil on canvas with ceramic tiles

  • McTernan & Goldstine
    "Love Dogs or Earth is a Phantom Limb", is collaborative performance with video loops that defy intercontinental geography between New York and Amsterdam to represent an exchange of goods, experiences, and ideas via the global electronic ether is an attempt to undermine the efficiency of exchange that now exists in the global economy

  • PerfectEight
    "Adaptation" is a collage on walls made up of the magazine's pages that resonates the idea of de-objectification of people and glorification of an unveiled humanity that embraces beauty found in faults.

  • Porter & Bautista
    "Foot", is a sculpture about exploring the nature of the self and its identity

  • Porter & Suma
    "Exchange", is a drawing stemming from ongoing dialogue built around free associations dealing with contrasting cultural significances

  • Ridge Street Gallery
    "Sublime Subprime", is an installation that portrays the impact of real estate industry and its effects on an art community

  • Shepperson, Stein & Radford
    "For a Stairwell", is a piece that plays fast and loose with scale and gravity in order to emulate legs and feet ascending stairs

  • Shit TV
    "Shit TV - Charlotte and Fred" is a video that attempts to decontextualize the word shit as it is utilized in modern culture

  • Subject To Change
    "What Makes an Artist Collective Start Fires?", is an interactive tree sculpture that encourages the audience to take a leaf that has been drawn on, written on, printed on, sewn together by a member of the collective

  • The Friendly Falcons & Their Friend the Snake
    “The Tetramin the Price is Right”, is a game show inspired by "The Price is Right" that encourages competitive spirit based on playing rather than on winning a prize with monetary value.

  • The Pipeline Project
    "The Pipeline Project" is a mixed media collage that began 6 years ago with the creation of the Brick Boy, inspired by the youthful spirit embodied in ABC No Rio. The following Ides gave rise to the pipe motif, which was used as a simple way to connect hundreds of exquisite corpse drawings. The pipes have become an important part of the lexicon and symbolizes the interconnections of the subconscious. The addition of miniature houses made of plaster explored the hidden connections of people in their private spaces.

  • Three Wise Goats
    "Big City Head", a diptych of exquisite corpse paintings

  • Zuvuya Collective
    "Sleep of Reason", is a performance based on Goya's piece about the demons that haunt and inspires us