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The ABC No Rio Computer Center is a public resource available to artists, writers, small press publishers, activists, and the community at large. We provide Mac, Windows, and Linux workstations for word processing, graphics design, internet access, and new media production. Our Computer Center is also a forum for skills and knowledge sharing.

Computer Center hours vary. Check the calendar for schedule information.

To volunteer at the Computer Center just stop on by or contact us by e-mail at We're seeking computer savvy individuals committed to political and social engagement and collaborative processes.

Donations are also welcome and are tax deductible. We are at present seeking the following: imacs and G3s or better, Pentium 233s or better, scanners, zip drives, networking equipment, registerable software (or license transfer/assignment), and recent manuals and other teaching and learning aids.

Through the InterActivist Network ABC No Rio provides training in new media technologies. Contact for more information about the InterActivist Network.

Rendering of ABC No Rio building with stylized bitmapped effect.

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