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ABC No Rio Darkroom

NOTE: We've closed the darkroom as we prepare for the construction of our new facility. The new building will include a better and bigger darkroom. More info at

The ABC No Rio Darkroom is an open and affordable resource for anyone interested in the medium of photography. Without the restraints of institutional commitments, we offer a space for both beginning photographers and the more experienced to meet, work and share ideas.

Our Darkroom has five black and white enlarger workstations, a film processing room, a wet room for printing, and a light room for examining negatives and finished prints.

Darkroom hours vary. Check the calendar for schedule information.

Darkroom Fee: $7/hour (cash only--photo ID a must).
Bring your own paper; chemistry is provided.

For those with some familiarity with darkroom technique but needing a refresher, darkroom volunteers can provide mentoring for an additional $5/hr ($12/hr total).

Rendering of ABC No Rio building with stylized photo-negative effect.

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